ABOUT hipercash Angomi

40 years of experience at your service.

Hipercash Angomi was born with a clear objective, to offer the best prices, the best quality products and cover the daily needs of our clients, all with a friendly, familiar, close treatment.

We have a large assortment of top brands in food products, fresh, frozen, winery, beverages, drugstore, cleaning, for your pet, fruits, vegetables, butchery and delicatessen. Two different lines of white brands from the IFA family (Eliges, Unnia, Sabe and Amigo) and Transgourmet (Gourmet, Quality, Mical, Micaderm, Mic&friends). We support local commerce by offering them the best items produced in our region.

We provide personalized treatment to individuals, families, professionals and your business, with daily and weekly offers, raffles for vouchers for purchases in our establishment, loyalty gifts and much more.

Remember that our room is spacious, clean and organized, with the best human and material resources, to ensure that all our products are always in optimal conditions. Don’t forget that at Hipercash Angomi you always save, because we have the best quality at the best price.

hipercash angomi
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